sonnenBatterie Storage

Fitting Solar Panels is a great step to going green and with prices coming down fitting solar panels is becoming more popular despite the removal of the Feed-In-Tariff by the government.

However, many solar installations will only work during the day as they do not include a method for storing excess energy being generated.

Adding battery storage is the perfect way to use the free energy generated during the day for night time after the sun has gone down rather than importing it from the grid. This is particularly important in the early evening when demand is at its greatest.

The sonnenBatterie is a perfect addition to any smart home. From keeping your lights on to powering your kettle, the Battery Management System takes care of everything. Analysing your consumption and weather forecast the battery can give you the autonomy you always wanted. With an independence of up to 70% you will no-longer rely on the grid for your energy, instead you will power your home directly from your roof.

Not only does the battery supply you with clean and sustainable energy, the cell-technology is the safest, cleanest and most durable on the market. The sonnen cobalt-free initiative is a pledge to never use cobalt in their batteries making it perfect for you.

Alpha Touch are Certified Installers of Sonnen Battery Storage units. Why not give us a call for a quotation to upgrade your current solar panel system to include a Sonnen battery unit.