Network Infrastructure

For automation requirements of all kinds, the network infrastructure will provide a vital foundation and this is true even in predominantly wireless environments. It is, therefore, critical that the design and installation of cabling is carried out carefully and with a detailed understanding of the requirements. One of the services that Alpha Touch provides is the design of the structured cabling necessary to underpin a set of automation requirements. Our design service adheres to the latest CEDIA Wiring Guidelines and typically involves the production of a full set of drawing overlays, cable schedules/labels and a set of instructions for the installers.

With more and more devices becoming interconnected and with it comes the reliance on a stable and robust home network, it is also becoming increasingly important that home networks are made secure from cyber attacks.

All too often, the design and documentation of network infrastructure is left too late and this results in time-consuming and expensive re-work. Don’t leave this important activity to chance and contact us today to discuss your particular requirements.