Energy Management

Management of the energy we use is an area of growing importance. Whether it is the consumption of fossil fuels, or greater exploitation of renewable energy sources, it makes both financial and environmental sense to understand and measure each discrete source. Alpha Touch can assist with the control, monitoring, optimization and reporting of energy usage within homes and small businesses.

Optimize your energy consumption and increase your comfort at home with an energy management system. You can manage the energy consumption in your home by lowering the temperature and turning selected appliances off at your convenience.

  • Controlling the temperature room by room
  • Turning appliances on and off at your convenience
  • Creating and modifying appliance schedules and temperature schedules
  • Activating one of four modes to manage both temperature and appliances

For renewable energy sources, such as ground or air source heat pumps, solar thermal arrays and photovoltaic panels, performance can vary widely. In some cases, renewable sources can actually be less efficient than an electric space or water heater. If you are concerned about the general level of performance of renewable energy sources, then please contact us for further information about the products and services we offer.